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For fans of Disney Twisted Tales and Serena Valentino’s Villains comes the next book of the Disney Prince Young Adult series where Prince Charming tells his side of Disney’s Cinderella.

Ever since the death of his mother, Prince August of Charmant has sworn off love. Now with only a few months until he inherits the throne, August is unable to delay conversations of marriage any longer. But news of a magical memory curse plaguing a nearby village—the same village he used to spend his summers with his mother—offers August a reprieve. He convinces his father to give him one week to lead the royal investigation before returning to the palace for good. Despite feeling relief, August dreads confronting his own bittersweet memories of the village, his mother, and Ella, the childhood friend he hasn’t spoken to in nearly six years. But maybe the best person to help him restore the town’s memories is the girl he hasn’t been able to forget.

Once reunited, August is surprised to see how Ella has changed. While she’s still beautiful and clever, she’s more reserved and possibly keeping secrets of her own—a fact August finds increasingly hard to ignore. Together they investigate the origins of the magic impacting the town, but with more and more people forgetting their true loves, their rekindled friendship places them in more danger than they could have imagined. With time ticking down to his return to the castle, August must grapple with his growing feelings for Ella and solve the mystery before it’s too late.

When the clock strikes midnight, the fate of the kingdom may just rely on finding the owner of a lost glass slipper…

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