Ruin of Stars Pre-order Campaign Winners


You entered. I crunched the numbers. The grand prize winners of the pre-order campaign have been selected and emailed. So check your emails!

And as a reminder, this is what’s included for in some of the grand prize packets:

MoS, RoS

One Response to Ruin of Stars Pre-order Campaign Winners

  1. Shannon Fay says:

    lol, i never check my email, but a tube with your name on it showed up in my mail today, and now i have a map and a shiny new pin!

    I wish i’d won those character cards cuz they’re GORGEOUS!

    but thanks so much! I can’t wait to open ruin of stars and follow along on my map (seriously, dunno why, but i have a thing about actually tracing out characters’ locations/journeys on physical maps that go with the books, lol) Thanks a ton!

    I also have a cool Ya themed tote bag that i put all my pins on, so yours in on their now, in place of the “i” in the word “first” so now the “i” is a dagger. awesome.

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